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Noel Noel
Noel is a goofy, beautiful, carefree, energetic and very loving girl who just wants to have fun. She loves playing with the other dogs, going on walks, or just generally doing whatever her foster family is doing. She's going to make someone a fantastic buddy and companion. BACKSTORYNoel came to MOGS after she was seized by animal control for cruelty. She was starved, dehydrated and left outside with no shelter. She is currently is a foster home. TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR Noel is amazing. She was seized for extreme cruelty but despite her suffering she still loves people. She's a sweet little girl who is very soft, friendly and goofy. She wants to greet everyone and will be very vocal about it. She loves being in the same room with her humans and will follow everywhere. She acts as a tripping hazard since she picks the least out of the way spot to lay down, especially in the kitchen. She does tend to sniff the counter and floor for yummies but has never jumped up to grab anything. Will try her best to reach into a high chair to get leftovers but will leave it if told to. Her foster family doesn't leave things towards the edge of counters so she is not given the opportunity to steal anything. She does like to chew on stuffed animals and does not know the difference between her toys and baby's toys so her foster family does their best to just keep non-dog toys off the floor. Like most GSDs Noel is a super shedder, her fur is very thick. TRAININGShe's learning basic manners and doing very well. She is food driven which will help with her training. The first new behavior she had to practice was waiting at baby gates or backyard fences. She has climbed a fence to follow her person on the other side. With a 6 ft fence she will be fine, with a somewhat lower fence, she will need complete supervision in the backyard to avoid escaping. She sometimes jumps baby gates to be closer to her people. She is pretty good at listening and has learned the sit command. She is house more about Noel
Bear Bear
BEAR is a handsome black-and-silver German Shepherd with a thick plush coat and a debonair dash of gray around his muzzle -- and he's looking for a family to love, relax with, and enjoy life with! (We know some of the photos make him look black & tan, but that's just the lighting in the room.)BACKGROUNDHi family surrendered him to a shelter, saying it was because of their health.  However, Bear was clearly not well cared for and we suspect the real reason may be Bear's health.  He was very skinny, his coat was in bad shape, he had a major ear infection and was holding his ear down, constantly shaking his head and scratching his ear.  He also iteched all over and had a small patch of missing fur.  A skin scrape was negative for mange, so he was for a yeast infection and recovered well.  TEMPERAMENT / TRAINING Bear is fairly even-tempered but will still occasionally (in the right situation/circumstance) let you know that there is something simmering below the surface with a low growl.  He waits his turn to go outside or inside unless the old dogs are taking too long, then he’ll poke them in the butt with his his nose and growl.  He bonds quickly to her "person" and seems to prefer females. When there is petting being done, he’s right in the middle of it, and stops to check in and get a touch every time he circles the house.  Because of his history, Bear might let someone know when he has had enough attention by growling.  He has two different growls, an “enough” growl and a “that feels good” growl, that we call his “purr.”  If you correct and “place” him after the (inappropriate) former, he will stop and lay down in one of his designated spots.  His new family will need to understand this behavior and react appropriately.  Bear requires someone very familiar with GSDs, particularly strong-willed/dominant dogs. He loves soft toys, but more about Bear
Alma Alma
ALMA was surrendered to MOGS by a backyard breeder along with her litter of seven puppies [Encanto Litter], due to trouble with Animal Control for having multiple intact dogs on the premises. TEMPERAMENT:
Xander Xander
XANDER is an affectionate 8-9 year old high Belgian Terv mix who needs a quiet home with an experienced trainer.    BACKGROUND: Dumped in a shelter by his family at 4 yrs old. They cited “behavior” issues but didn’t say what those were. Owners appeared to have multiple dogs and needed to get rid of at least one. Owners had not socialized him outside the home at all.   TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR: Needs and adores his daily walks – he’s a scent dog and will stop at every scent if allowed. Overly excited in first part of his walk but calms down and largely stops pulling after that. Needs that daily outlet but walks needn’t be long (around 20 minutes satisfies him tho he enjoys longer. Gets very excited when you come home, jumps and barks and has to be reminded every time sit and be quiet. Hates the crate and is usually in it only as a time-out while foster is home. Xander is a unique dog! He’s got two distinct sides: a loving, goofy boy AND an aggressive reactor to strange people and dogs.    The Goofy side:  Crate trained House trained Dream house manners, calm and well behaved Doesn’t play with toys or other dogs A foodie – always ready to eat and will steal food left out Loves to lay in your lap if allowed Moderate prey drive – responds well to “leave it” command on walks when seeing small critters, will chase in the yard but breaks off pretty easily Loving to “his” person Downright pushy about getting head rubs, tummy rubs, and just generally being close to and touched by you Has “jack-in-the-box” energy – will go from sound sleep to jumping around in a split second. The Reactive side: On leash will react to strange people and dogs. Has gotten better about leaving people alone but still very reactive to other dogs. When off-leash will allow strangers to handle him but will go after other dogs Stubborn more about Xander
Colby Colby
If you're looking for a sweet German Shepherd who will love you forever,COLBY may be your ideal family member! BACKSTORYColby was owner-surrendered "in the field" to Animal Control, as a means of helping his owner avoid animal cruelty charges. Colby was seized, along with 5 pit-bulls from a location that appeared to be involved in dog fighting. All of the dogs were secured by heavy chains around their necks, as well as heavy-duty springs, which prevented them from reaching each other. Their only shelter was barrels cut in half and turned upside down in the mud. When Colby came to MOGS he was starved to the bone and at 61lbs he was drastically underweight. TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR Colby is a love bug. If he knows you he will want your attention and he will bug you until you give it to him. He wants to be a lap dog as well. Colby is a happy boy, he just wants to enjoy his home and all the thing he loves, food, his ball, his Buffalo horns, and hanging with his people. Because he is tentative with new people and dogs, he would not be a good candidate for dog parks, doggy day care, Home Depot visits or camping. TRAININGHe is house trained; crate trained and does not chew on anything he is not supposed to. Colby will need a person that is a strong experienced leader. OTHER ANIMALSColby can be an only dog. He does not play with the resident dogs in his foster home. His idea of playing with them is for all of them to run at full speed up to the back door to come back inside. He tries to avoid confrontation with other dogs, he will get up and walk away. He will not back down if he gets involved but it is only a barking match and he is easily called off. He does take a slow intro to other dogs but he currently lives with a 14-year-old, 8-year-old and 8-month-old, all GSDs. Colby needs a home with no cats, but he has been in a household with a small dog and did very well. PEOPLEHe warms up to women quickly, he takes longer to warm up to men. We do not recommend him going more about Colby