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Gigi Gigi
GIGI is a beautiful girl with eyes that warm your heart!  G, as she is affectionately called by her adoring fans, started her life as a Kansas City street dog. At six months of age she survived on the streets with her mother where she was eventually caught by animal control and came to MOGS. But that is G's past, and thanks to a committed and experienced foster home, she's barely recognizable from those early days. TEMPERAMENTGigi is now secure with meeting strangers and looks to her "person" for guidance. For this reason Gigi needs a dog savvy owner who will have the leadership skills necessary to recognize when she may be unsure of her surroundings.  Watching her race around and play with your other dogs will give you many hours of fun and laughs - her sheer joy in being free from worry and loving life is a delight to watch.   Gigi is housetrained and crate trained, and even has good leash skills. She follows several verbal and hand signal commands, and loves to please her people. She's also very agile and can climb a 4' chain link fence easily. She's very curious about what's on the other side -- especially if it happens to be her person!  Because of this, a 6' privacy fence is required. Gigi has shown several "alerter" tendencies, and will seek out her foster mom for help for the other dogs, and especially when the water and food bowls are empty! OTHER ANIMALSGigi loves her big foster brother, who is a very large GSD, and needs to have a doggy buddy in her new home to wrestle and play with! A medium-to-large male with a similar energy level will be an ideal playmate! She is selectively reactive to some dogs, and would need to be carefully tested against any new dog in an adoptive home. Gigi has been cat tested, and basically ignores them.CHILDRENGigi would do best with children 12 or older who can be respectful of their canine family members, and not try to startle or force her to do things too quickly. MEDICALNo known medical more about Gigi
MACY is an almost 9 year old, medium sized, black and tan beauty, who was surrendered to a local shelter as part of a cruelty/neglect case along with her breeding partner. Macy was severely underweight, totally unsocialized, and unfamiliar with everything in her surroundings. TEMPERAMENT *** Macy is currently in boarding due to a lack of available foster homes!  Macy is looking for an experienced German Shepherd foster to stay with so we can get to know her better before finding her a great forever home.  Please send an email to if you can help! ***OTHER ANIMALSMacy struggles to feel safe around other dogs, and has a strong small prey drive. She should be the ONLY pet in the home.CHILDRENBecause of her history of severe abuse and neglect, Macy still has some unexpected reactivity, and would need to be in a home with no children. NO exceptions. MEDICALMacy has been diagnosed with arthritis, and will require ongoing vet care for this condition. This sweet girl does have some rough edges, and REQUIRES a strong, authoritative leader, who has experience in handling GSD's. Are you the one who can help this girl continue her journey of healing?   Macy's ADOPTION FEE:   $300 This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save. On average we spend over $450 on each dog. We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then. We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit. At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip. In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.INTERESTED IN ADOPTING Macy?Complete an Adoption Application Now!
Xander Xander
XANDER is a stunning boy with a gorgeous long coat and a zest for life!  His owner dumped him at a local shelter citing 'behavior issues' but didn't say what those were.  Since Xander was filthy, thin and terrified, we believe that Xander was in fact both neglected and mistreated.TEMPERAMENTXander is a dog who LOVES being loved on! He'll put his paw on you whenever he can and beg for belly rubs, hugs, or whatever you'll give.  He loves, loves, loves his people and pretty much wants to be where you are.  He's not exactly a velcro dog, but he's close.  When you come home, he acts like he hasn't seen you in 10 years.  At first we thought he was high-energy because during the months he spent in boarding, he constantly ran around and paced.  But once in his foster home, it turned out that even though he loves to run around the yard he prefers to be where you are and will settle down to nap while you work or watch TV.  The cutest thing is when he gets the "zoomies" and races around the yard like a kid!  At events he greets people like he's known them for life and just seems hungry for affection.  We haven't seen him around many kids yet, and hope to do more of that. For now, we recommend kids over 12 only (no toddlers pulling on tails, etc). His foster mom calls him a "jumping-jack-dog" -- like some herding dogs such as border collies, he has a sparkle in his eye and can suddenly jump up and surprise you.  Yet he settles nicely and is largely content to be with you. He's generally mild-mannered, loving, and a pleasure to have around.HOUSE MANNERSXander is very good in the house.  He is not destructive when left out alone, is gentle in the house, and is house trained.  He is crate trained but doesn't like it and will try to tear up his blankets, pads, or nearby goodies he can reach.  If you elect to leave him out free in the house while you're gone, just be sure there isn't any food within reach though! more about Xander
Nahla (Training Hold) Nahla (Training Hold)
Rex Rex
REX came to MOGS as an emergency intake, after we received an urgent message from a local shelter about another dog, and arrived to find Rex had just come in with two badly broken legs as well. He had been injured by a hit-and-run driver and left in a ditch at the side of the road to die. We immediately requested x-rays of the injuries to consult with two amazing vets - Dr Andrea Kennedy (provides all of the routine care for our fosters) and orthopedic surgical vet, Dr. Jim Swanson (provides for all the orthopedic surgery needs for our fosters). Their recommendations were clear - Rex required immediate emergency surgery to repair four fractures in his left rear leg, and a broken shoulder on his front left leg. Current Animal Control ordinances require any animal that enters a shelter as a stray to be held for either 5 days (if no microchip) or 10 days (if microchipped). In the meantime, the shelters can provide no medical treatment other than pain management and basic vet care to injured animals unless it is considered a life-or-death situation (they are not the owners, and are not allowed to make decisions in non-imminent life threatening situations). Rex did not have the luxury of this time - if his injuries were to be left untreated (and fusing out of place) during a stray hold, the chances increased daily that he would lose the use of his legs permanently, and thus his life. MOGS took the recommendations to the shelter administrators, and petitioned for an early transfer due to medical exigency. Supported by the shelter vet, Rex was transferred to us under the understanding that we would be responsible for all medical expenses, and would return him to his owners if they were to step forward during the required hold time. Rex was rushed to surgery within 24-hours, where he had two pins and four wires placed in his front shoulder, and one pin and five wires in the back leg. Rex has battled life-threatening injuries, surgical incisions that required almost 100 more about Rex