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Rocco Rocco
ROCCO is a goofy and loving medium-sized young man who adores life and just wants to love and be loved!  And that's amazing because he had a rough start in life. BACKGROUNDWhen Rocco was just 6 months old, he was hit by a car and taken to a Kansas shelter as a stray.  He had an injured back leg and the shelter did surgery, but they waited 3 weeks to do it and the surgery was successful but left him with a funny way of running and some lingering stiffness/pain  (though it doesn't affect his running, jumping or movement). After he recovered, the shelter adopted him to a man in Missouri but didn’t do a home check or vet the adopter.  Tragically, the adopter threw Rocco out in the back yard and completely ignored him.  A year later he dumped Rocco at a different shelter claiming his landlord would no longer allow him to have a dog.  Then Rocco came to MOGS -- and not a minute too soon!  He was literally starved to a   bone.  He was also starved for affection, totally unfamiliar with other dogs, had no manners, and was an over-the-top bundle of energy -- a super-affectionate boy with rough edges.  Today he’s still energetic but has learned manners and is just happy to be loved and alive! TEMPERAMENTRocco bonds quickly and hard to his people, and adores having visitors to the home as well.  He loves people despite his past neglect.  He’s a smart  boy and has learned many commands, like “sit,” “wait,” go “outside,” come “inside,” “go to bed,” “free,” “come,” and “eat.”   He’s also working on learning both verbal and hand signal commands for “down,” “quiet,” and “place.”     Rocco sometimes thinks he’s a big lap dog when he wants cuddles and attention. He loves to go for walks and car rides, and is working on not more about Rocco
Xander Xander
XANDER is a stunning boy with a gorgeous long coat and a zest for life!  His owner dumped him at a local shelter citing 'behavior issues' but didn't say what those were.  Since Xander was filthy, thin and terrified, we believe that Xander was in fact both neglected and mistreated.TEMPERAMENTXander is a dog who LOVES being loved on! He'll put his paw on you whenever he can and beg for belly rubs, hugs, or whatever you'll give.  He loves, loves, loves his people and pretty much wants to be where you are.  He's not exactly a velcro dog, but he's close.  When you come home, he acts like he hasn't seen you in 10 years.  At first we thought he was high-energy because during the months he spent in boarding, he constantly ran around and paced.  But once in his foster home, it turned out that even though he loves to run around the yard he prefers to be where you are and will settle down to nap while you work or watch TV.  The cutest thing is when he gets the "zoomies" and races around the yard like a kid!  At events he greets people like he's known them for life and just seems hungry for affection.  We haven't seen him around many kids yet, and hope to do more of that. For now, we recommend kids over 12 only (no toddlers pulling on tails, etc). His foster mom calls him a "jumping-jack-dog" -- like some herding dogs such as border collies, he has a sparkle in his eye and can suddenly jump up and surprise you.  Yet he settles nicely and is largely content to be with you. He's generally mild-mannered, loving, and a pleasure to have around.HOUSE MANNERSXander is very good in the house.  He is not destructive when left out alone, is gentle in the house, and is house trained.  He is crate trained but doesn't like it and will try to tear up his blankets, pads, or nearby goodies he can reach.  If you elect to leave him out free in the house while you're gone, just be sure there isn't any food within reach though! more about Xander
Gunnar Gunnar
GUNNAR is a big, super happy, friendly one year old who has a TON of energy and needs a LOT of room to run and blow off that energy!  He’s got a fantastic personality, gets along with humans and dogs, and just needs a very active family and the ability to run!.BACKSTORYGunnar has survived a LOT of human cruelty in his first months of life.  And now he deserves a fabulous life of freedom, play, love and comfort with a fantastic family!  At just 10 months old Gunnar was shot by a neighbor, who illegally used a shotgun in a city neighborhood (thank heavens no kids were around!).  He was taken to a shelter, where they called us and we immediately arranged to get him to a specialist at Blue Pearl.  Sadly, his leg was so shattered by the buckshot that the bone could not be repaired – the surgeon found there was not enough bone left to anchor surgical pins.. So Gunnar lost his left front leg and became a tripod.But if you think that’s slowed him down, think again!  He’s one of the fastest dogs we’ve ever had and doesn’t seem to even miss that leg (often true with tripod dogs).  In addition we think he may have been hit by someone fairly often, because at first he also cowered and cringed in a corner if a hand even came near his head.PERSONALITYDespite the cruelties he suffered at the hands of awful humans in the first months of his life, this boy is a lover and one happy dude!!!  Once he started feeling better after surgery, he was ready to get on with life and started rockin’ ‘n rollin’.  He couldn’t wait to play with the other dogs in his foster home – even before he was medically cleared it was tough confining him to finish his healing because he wanted to play sooooo badly..  He’s now able to play with the other dogs and would do so endlessly if allowed. HOUSE MANNERSWe think Gunnar was thrown out in a backyard and ignored all or most of the more about Gunnar
Abuela Alma [Whelping Hold] Abuela Alma [Whelping Hold]
ALMA was surrendered to MOGS by a backyard breeder along with her litter of seven puppies [Encanto Litter], due to trouble with Animal Control for having multiple intact dogs on the premises. TEMPERAMENT:At the moment, Alma is very focused on protecting her young puppies, so her temperament cannot be adequately assessed. Initially, however, it is evident that she has been almost completely isolated and under-socialized, and is very skittish and afraid of almost everything and everybody. Once Alma has weaned her puppies, can be spayed, and decompress from all of the stress that she's been dealing with, MOGS will complete a more thorough evaluation of her temperament and behaviors.
Noel Noel
NOEL is beautiful, young, carefree, energetic and very loving girl who just wants to have fun!  She LOVES playing with the other dogs, going on walks, or just generally doing whatever her family is doing.  She's going to make someone a FANTASTIC buddy and companion! TEMPERAMENT Noel is amazing.  She was seized for extreme cruelty - starved, dehydrated, and out in the elements with no shelter from the cold, wet, or heat.  But despite her suffering at the hands of a few heartless humans, she still LOVES people and can't get enough of you!  She's one of those dogs that just make you grin watching her exuberance and zest for life.  She's a sweet little girl who LOVES her people. She's learning basic manners and doing very well, so we think she'll be easy to train.  The first new behavior she had to practice was waiting at baby gates or backyard fences -- and she wanted to follow her person so badly that she climbed the fence simply to go sit next to her person on the other side!  With a 6 ft fence she will be fine.  With a somewhat lover fence, she will need complete supervision until  in the backyard to avoid escaping.  .  She's learning crate manners and was much happier once she discovered her crate had a nice soft bed! She groans a little when put in her crate -- you know, like the child who groans when it's bedtime? -- but then settles down.  She has also learned to wait to be released.  She's learning quickly and is proving to be quite a sweetheart with a nice balance of patience and energy.  Overall, Noel is joy-on-four-legs and therefore a joy for us humans to be around and watch! OTHER ANIMALSNoel must have a doggie buddy to play and romp with!  She gets along well with other dogs and has energy to burn.  She has lived with all large dogs and romped happily, chasing and being chased.  Her current foster home has 1 large dog and 2 small dogs and she does great with all more about Noel