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Message From: A. Nance March 23, 2010
I would like to commend you guys on the extraordinary job that is being done each and every day for these pups, i call them pups even though they maybe 5,6 or older. I have a GSD now since he was six weeks old, July 29 he will be 5 year old and cannot think of life without him, Rocky is his name!. Maybe sometime in the near future i can be lucky enough to adopt one of these beautiful dogs i have seen on these pages as a companion for Rocky as he lost his, his sister who was stolen, he missed her very much for a good little while and when her name is said he still perks up! Hannah was her name. Well keep up the good work and God bless you!

Message From: Casey March 16, 2010
Love the new site! Just wanted to give a quick update: Molly is still doing great at 13 years old. Thank you.

Message From: Jim Howell February 28, 2010
Looking forward to helping.

Message From: Sharon Comstock January 30, 2010
Looking forward to this experience

Message From: Wendy January 19, 2010
Glad to see the site up and running!

Message From: Dave January 17, 2010
We are Lori M's parents.