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Donation Information

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MOGS is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization --
your donations are tax deductible. 



What happens to your donation?

It costs between $65 and $200 to pull a dog from a shelter.  That usually includes some vetting, but not all. We normally have to do things like deworm and microchip at minimum.  Then there are dogs who need heartworm treatment (we have LOTS of those!), blood work, urinalysis, surgery, treatment for skin conditions - you name it.  There's also food, boarding, antibiotics, nutritional supplements for starved dogs, and much more.

You can donate in lots of ways!

  • Cash  --  check  --  money order
  • Credit card or PayPal
  • Gift cards 
  • In-kind donations (physical goods and supplies)
  • Corporate donations
  • Employer matching programs
  • Sponsor a particular dog
  • Angel's Fund for critical care dogs



Click on the "Donate" link below to donate by credit card or Paypal Account. 
Under "Purpose", please tell us if you're donating for a specific dog or cause.

To use your debit or credit card through PayPal  (it can be confusing):
  -  Go to Paypal link and look the bottom left of the screen
           -  Look under bolded heading "Don't Have a Paypal Account?"
          -   Click on the dark blue link that says "Continue"


Just go to , sign up and designate MOGS as your preferred charity.
Then shop as usual, just at
Smile.Amazon is the same as Amazon but is set up to automaticaly calculate Amazon's donation on your order.

Amazon donates 0.5% of EVERY purchase you make to MOGS! 
It's their version of a charitable giving program.
You generate FREE MONEY for the dogs, just by shopping as usual!




  • Your employer may have a "Matching" program - they match any contribution you make up to a certain limit. 
  • Often these programs will match up to $250, $500 or more.
  • This is a god-send for the dogs!  
  • Check with your employer to find out what their process is.
  • We're happy to supply evidence of our 501(c)3 status or any other paperwork.
  • GOT QUESTIONS?  email  

ANGEL'S FUND  (cruelty, major medical)

  • Dogs in bad condition deserve a second shot as much as any other.
  • Many rescues turn away dogs that need special care.  The financial burden is just too great.
  • We understand and respect that.  We simply choose to help as many as we can.
  • That's what "Angel's Fund" is all about.
  • Angel's Story:  Angel was our first critical care German Shepherd in 2008.  She had 2 major surgeries for a broken hip.  The first surgery failed and she had to have a second major surgery. She eventually became a healthy girl able to run and play with the best of them.
  • We always have surgical cases and other special medical needs dogs!
  • We desperately need your help and financial support.

Help us build Angel's Fund -- and save the next dog in need.

ANY amount is GREATLY appreciated.  Your $5, $10 and $20 donations make a huge difference!

THANK YOU for caring and acting!



  • Pick a dog and become their Sponsor - with either a small monthly donation or a single larger donation.
  • They'e often special needs dogs who require special treatment, training or boarding.
  • Every penny of your donation goes directly toward the treatment and care of that dog
  • For more information or to see dogs available for sponsoring, click here.



MOGS gratefully accepts donations via check, money order or gift card sent to:         
     Missouri Gerrman Shepherd Rescue
     PO Box 22466
     Kansas City, MO 64113


Have you used before?
If not, just set up automatic shipments of dog food directly to your home!
Chewy then makes a one-time donation of $20 directly to MOGS.
Use the link below or visit:


In kind donations are always welcome and we are grateful for them. 
Drop off or local pick up can be arranged. 
Please email us at

Items needed include:
--   dog food, treats, bones, elk and deer horn chews, Himalayan salt chews and similar
--   toys
--   bedding
--   old towels and sheets
--   non-pet related items we can sell in fundraisers, garage sales and raffles!