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11/24/2020 9:56 AM

Owner Surrender Guidelines
Thank you for contacting MOGS.  Please read through this information carefully before submitting your request!

We strongly discourage people from giving up their pets under most circumstances, and encourage them to bend over backwards to resolve any issues that have led to the surrender request.  We may be able to help with suggestions, advice, referrals, or even some types of training.

Our primary focus is pulling animals from kill shelters.  We do occasionally accept owner surrenders, depending on space, foster availability, funds, and the particular issues a dog may have.  Owner surrender dogs will be reviewed by the our Intake Team and a decision made.

Here are the initial steps to take to make a surrender request.  
  1. Submit an online owner surrender application. This has a lot of information we need about your pet as we consider whether or not we can accept him/her into our program.
  2. Send 4 to 8 GOOD, clear photos of your pet to  
  3. In most cases, we require your dog be up to date on vaccinations, be on heartworm preventative, be spayed/neutered, and veterinary records be available.  Generally you, the owner, need to bring your dog up to date on these medical items before we can accept a dog.   (We can refer you to our vet clinic in KC, MO which will provide these services at reduced rates for dogs being accepted into our program.)
  4. We will have to evaluate your dog for temperament and condition.  Schedule an evaluation by emailing
  5. Much of the decision to accept a dog into our program is based on foster space, funds, and what specific behavioral or medical issues your dog may have.
  6. If you can foster your dog -- or know someone who can -- until a new home or a foster home can be found, this drastically increases your dog's chance of being accepted into the program.
  7. If you are not able to foster and your pet is approved to enter the program, we request a MONETARY donation toward food, monthly preventives, and veterinary care your dog will need while with us. These items are expensive, and we ask that you be as generous as possible.  Remember, if we accept your dog into our program we are taking responsibility for YOUR family member.
  8. Once you surrender your dog, MOGS has and retains all rights to your pet and requires you to sign a document releasing all rights to and interests in your dog.  You will not have a right to know where the dog is fostered or placed, nor a right to any adoption donation made to MOGS.  Adopters may sometimes agree to stay in touch with former owners, but there is no guarantee that this can/will happen.  For privacy reason, such decisions are entirely up to the adopters.
Please remember that we are an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization.  We all have jobs, families and many other demands on our time.  All our rescue work is done in our spare time, much of it with our own money, and all with vast amounts of love.  The surrender process can take a little time, but your cooperation and assistance will help speed things along.