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9/25/2022 4:30 PM

Become a MOGS "Fab Foster"
and Save A Life!


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 Foster Homes Urgently Needed!

Foster homes are the backbone of our rescue.  Fosters are the bridge between a dog's past and his future. As a foster parent, you give him back his life, teach him love, and prepare him for a new start and better future.

  • Every time we get another foster home, we save one more life.
  • Every time we lose a foster home, we lose one more life.
  • Without fosters, we simply could not exist.
  • Boarding is too expensive to be our major means of saving lives.  

Are you ready to open your home and save a life?

Do you have enough love in your heart to share it with an abandoned dog?

Will you give an innocent dog a second chance?

What's your role as a Foster Parent?  

  • Simple:  to teach the dog love and prepare her for the next chapter in her life. 
  • We have a very active Foster Team.
  • We support our fosters with everything from training help to medical care / expenses.

Fostering is perfect if you would love to help a dog, but:

  • are not able or wanting to adopt right now
  • don't have the time / ability to make a lifetime commitment right now

Think about it.

You give a dog his life back just by giving him a temporary home and teaching him some basics. 



Can't foster right now, but still want to help?
We need volunteers to help transport dogs, excercise dogs in boarding,
take pictures of dogs, and assist with paperwork,
application processing, home visits, fundraising and special events.
Click here to fill out a MOGS Volunteer Application!