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  • Adoption fees range from $150 to $350
  • Each dog's adoption fee is on its web page.
  • Please don't ask us to negotiate the fee down. We can't afford it.
  • If you don't wish to pay our fee, PLEASE go to a pound or shelter and save a life!!
  • Our adoption fees have NOT changed in more than 7 years - but vet and boarding prices have tripled!
  • We've spent over $100,000 over the years to save other peoples' cast-off dogs
  • We spend more than we ever get from fees and have to continually fundraise. 
  • Many rescues won't take dogs with medical conditions like heartworm disease or critical care cases involving severe injuries.  MOGS DOES - as often as we can!
  • If you think our fees are high: 
    • we'll gladly show you our credit card bills for tens of thousands of dollars in vet fees and boarding bills
    • we encourage you to call a few vets to inquire about the costs of basic vetting such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchips, deworming, exams and much more
    • you'll find our fee is more than reasonable since all our dogs are fully vetted. 

What's Covered By Your Adoption Fee:

  • Spay/neuter, current vaccinations (rabies, distemper/parvo and bordatella), heartworm tested, dewormed if needed and microchipped.
  • Heartworm positive dogs are treated for heartworm.
  • We also spend huge amounts to transport, feed, board and buy heartworm/flea prevention

Unaltered Animals:

  • We do NOT adopt out unaltered dogs.
  • We do not adopt to homes that currently have unaltered animals.
  • The only exception is for medical reasons.

Dogs As Gifts:  

  • We do NOT adopt dogs out as "gifts" - especially surprise gifts.
  • It's a really bad idea to give a cute dog to someone else
  • We've saved too many dogs who have been thrown away by people who got them as gifts!!!  
  • A dog is a commitment and is not a "returnable" item. 
  • Lots of receivers decide the dog is too much, can't keep it, or don't want it. 
  • The vast majority of living "gifts" end up in a shelter or being passed around from home to home because no one will make a commitment
  • No one should EVER adopt a dog or cat until they've given it careful thought and made a lifetime commitment. 
  • Dogs and cats are not toys or sweaters or paper plates. 
  • They are not playthings or fads, or something to be enjoyed for a while and tossed aside - disposed of. 
  • Many "gift" recipients like the initial warm fuzzy feeling but don't want a long-term commitment
  • If you want to adopt a dog to coincide with a special event, we'll be happy to work with you.  BUT ALL adult household members must be in agreement, be present for the home visit, and sign the adoption contract.


  • We prefer homes with a secure, fenced area for containment and exercise.
  • But we do not automatically reject homes without fences.  
  • We consider ALL the circumstances, such as family activity level, physical environment, access to open space, the personality and activity needs of the dog, and how committed the adopters will be to DAILY exercise.
  • Fenceless adopters must be committed to walking their dog daily on leash, exercising EVERY day come rain or snow, spending plenty of play time in the house, and arranging for some space for the dog to run at least once or twice a week (a friend's fenced yard, doggie day care, etc).
  • We do NOT adopt to people who let their dog run loose. 
    • We spend a lot of love, time and money repairing dogs hit by cars becaue their owners thought it was "cruel" to keep them confined
    • If you think this is cruel, please come:
      • see the x-rays of shattered bones
      • watch the surgeries and amputations
      • see the pain in the eyes of dogs like Polo (left to suffer with a dangling leg) or Kojak (almost died when hit by a car and the owners didn't want to pay for treatment)
      • see the dogs attacked by wild animals or run over
      • talk to the heartbroken children and explain why they'll never see their beloved pet again
      • talk to callers whose beloved dogs have simply disappeared
      • comfort people whose dogs have been stolen
        • dog theft is a HUGE industry in this country.
        • they're stolen and sold for things like dog fighting, school experimentation or medical research, target practice, and even snake food
        • thieves and buyers love family pets because they're friendly and docile.

Invisible Fencing:

  • We don't generally recommend it for most German Shepherds.
  • We've seen it work in a few exceptional cases and may approve it in rare instances. 
  • GSDs are incredibly smart and it only takes one time for most to figure out they can breach the e-fence with minimal pain. They discover they can have a grand time visiting or chasing squirrels in return for a moment's shock. 

The Application Process:

  • Our application process is simple and straightforward.  
  • Click on "FORMS" and fill out the Adoption Application.
  • A MOGS Crew Member will review your application and call with any questions.
  • Then we'll arrange a home visit.
    • purpose:  to meet you and understand as much as possible about your lifestyle, energy / activity levels, schedule, etc., in order to make the very best match between you and a dog. 
  • We work hard to make great matches that will last.

Incomplete Applications:    

  • We won't consider them.
  • Fill EVERYTHING out.


  • We reserve the right to deny any application for any reason.


  • We reserve the right to require a deposit fee in certain cases.


Meeting a MOGS Dog:

  • We do NOT have a physical facility or shelter.
  • Program dogs stay in foster homes or boarding kennels until adoption.
  • For the safety of  our dogs / volunteers, we arrange meetings AFTER you've been approved. 
  • Once you're approved, we'll arrange a meet-and-greet. 
  • To meet a dog you are interested in and matched with, you may need to travel to where the program dog is located, which includes various cities in Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska.
  • This can take place at a kennel, foster home, or neutral location. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to pet, walk and get to know the dog

Adoption Requirements:

  • You must sign a legally binding adoption contract

Outside Dogs:  

  • We do NOT adopt dogs to be outside pets
  • MOGS dogs MUST be inside pets
  • We understand many people believe it's okay to keep a dog outdoors 24/7. 
  • We don't
  • We spend vast amounts of time and money to save these dogs
  • We consider them to be family members.

Heartworm Prevention & Shots:

  • You MUST keep your adopted dog:
    • on monthly heartworm prevention
    • up-to-date on all vaccinations

Guard/ Attack Dogs:

  • We do NOT adopt out dogs to people who intend/wish to use them as guard or attack dogs
  • Our goal is balanced, well-behaved family pets
  • We work hard to eliminate the stereotype that German Shepherds are a scary or dangerous breed
  • Clarification:
    • Most people who say they want a guard dog really mean they want an ALERT dog to bark and warn them
    • This is not a "guard" dog
    • Guard dogs or protection dogs are dogs who are specifically trained to guard people or premises, and WILL attack anyone attempting to come near

Submit an Adoption Application Now

When you Adopt a German Shepherd, you get a dog that:

  •  is highly intelligent
  •  MUST have significant daily exercise!
  •  is a joy and a delight
  •  bonds strongly with their person or family
  •  costs over $800 a year to take care of
  •  MUST be trained with a firm but respectful, loving hand
  •  is / will be a big dog (average  60-80 pounds)
  •  will not stay a cute puppy, but will rapidly grown into 70 pounds of intelligent, highly active muscle and fur
  •  is double-coated and sheds year round, but requires only a moderate amount of bathing and grooming (weekly brushing with a high quality brush such as the Furminator)
  •  is loyal, courageous, loyal, affectionate, loyal, loving   (did we mention loyal?)