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Animal Success Stories
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I recently spoke to Theo's (now Teddy's) new Dad and he indicated that Teddy is doing GREAT.  I was fortunate enough to be involved in dropping Teddy at his new home.  He had been at the kennel for about 9 months and seemed to be almost crazy there!!  As soon as we opened the back of the SUV (which we were just getting something out of) he jumped in and did NOT want to get out.  Turns out he was just trying to be the Alpha dog at the kennel and really loved people & riding in the car.  As soon as we turned him lose in his new backyard he calmed down and loved just hanging out.  Teddy now goes for bike rides (I know what you are thinking as I did the same) it turns out that Teddy loves to run along beside the bike while his Dad rides.  One of his favorite places to visit is the daycare run by his Grandma and play with the kids.  What a great life for a dog - kids, exercise & love!!!


Another forever family wrote to MOGS to let us know how it's going: Ralph (aka Taylor) gets more hugs than he knows what to do with! My daughter brings the kids over while I am at work quite often. They see Ralph more often than they see me. Every time I have a friend over Ralph is the center of attention. People just love him immediately. I taught him not to jump up so now he sits up when greeting guests. They seem to find that irresistible. What a ham! 

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