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Animal Success Stories
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Just look at ROSIE THE FERAL DOG now!  It took 3 hours in the rain to catch Rosie, who promptly bit the rescuer and wrecked the vet's office in a total panic.  We had to literally hogtie her just to get her out of the vet's office!  Next she spent 10 months in boarding, curled up in a corner of a boarding run, shaking whenever humans approached.  Her only concern when out in the exercise yard each day was how to get away from the humans around her.  Ever, ever so slowly she began to let one human at a time approach.  Then Mary Kay and her family, who had previously adopted Indigo from us, lost their hearts to Rosie's story.  After much soul-searching and many meetings, they decided to adopt Rosie and be her guides on the next stage of her journey back to life.  Now Rosie is a gorgeous girl who walks proudly, head up, curious about the world around her, no longer skulking and terrified.  She loves the sun, adores her walks and loves life.  She's still skittish of strangers in her home but one day soon she'll overcome that, too.  Rosie is an amazing dog with an amazing family and an amazing story.
THANK YOU, Mary Kay, Gary and Sean. 
You never gave up on Rosie.
We ask all adopters for "a lifetime commitment."
Now you see why

Rosie *Special*
Rosie *Special*

Now THIS is a huge success story!!!! From feral and literally wild, Rosie is now in a wonderful home for life. For those who never met Rosie, here is her story. ROSIE's STORY: From Wild Child to Family Dog JULY, 2008 Spay Neuter Kansas City (SNKC) called to ask us to take a GSD they had. An SNKC employee caught her running the Broadway Bridge in the rain. They also said she was a "wild woman". It took 3 hours in the rain to catch her, and when she was finally cornered she bit her rescuer. They didn't think I would or could take her but just had to try. I went to meet her and saw a quivering mass of raw terror such as I'd never seen before. Rosie expected the worst from all humans. She laid in her crate at SNKC and when they took her out just to go potty she went wild, arms and legs flying everywhere, knocking over tables, medical supplies, her crate and everything in sight. Here was a dog who had literally NEVER known an ounce of human kindness in her life. I've never seen such naked terror before or since. On Friday evening I went to pick her up. SNKC didn't think we'd be able to move her. How I wish we'd filmed that scene! I put a slip lead around her neck, rigged one around her middle and another under her back legs. I pulled all three leads at the same time so she couldn't buck with her back end and I could hopefully move her sideways. She still bucked like a wild bronco, howling and screeching. It made me cry to see the unmitigated terror on her face. Two of us wrestled her outdoors to the car, only to be stymied at how to get her into the van and inside the crate. In desperation - having no idea if she'd bite us -- we used all three slip leads, our arms and whole bodies, and pushed-poked-prodded her into the crate. We couldn't believe we'd succeeded. When I got her to the boarding kennel, an employee and I lifted the entire crate -- with Rosie in it -- and carried her into the kennel area. After yet another struggle we finally got Rosie into a large kennel run. I felt like I'd been through a war. ROSIE's REHAB As I sat that first day and talked to Rosie in a low voice, I watched her cower in the back of that kennel run and knew we had a very long road ahead of us. This dog would not trust easily. Whoever had her before so mistreated and abused her that she expected 100% cruelty from humans. ONE YEAR LATER The loving kennel staff at A Dog's Fun Playce in Kansas City worked with ROSIE day in and day out. MOGS volunteers were out at least weekly to work with her. Rosie became less frightened BUT ONLY AFTER CLOSE TO A YEAR. Yes, it took that long. Every day Rose paced the fence in the outdoor exercise area just looking for a place to jump over. She wouldn't come back in if a human was anywhere near. She didn't even trust other dogs for months. Her tail was always between her legs. She didn't run, she slinked around. It was heartbreaking to watch. After ten months we were finally able to take her on walks -- but ONLY on double chokes/slip leads. She bolted and bucked like a bronco at the slightest noise or visual. We walked her every day for several months and that finally began to lessen. One time she got away from a volunteer on a walk and it was only by the grace of God -- and a passing bicycler who scared Rosie even worse than we did -- that we recaptured her! SEPTEMBER 2009 And then miraculously, along came the O'Connor's who had adopted Indigo from us several years previously. They fell in love with Rosie's picture and her story captured their hearts. They came and met her several times, and decided to foster her JANUARY 2010 The O'Connors lost their hearts to sweet Rosie. There are many funny stories and some not-so-funny ones (like how she got away from them on the first day and was only recaptured because of a very smart foster mom and a creek Rosie was terrified of). Rosie is safe for life - the O'Connor's are taking her into their family forever. ROSIE's FUTURE Rosie is a work in progress and will continue to be in rehab - over a year and a half after being plucked off the mean streets. The O'Connor's will give her all the continued time, patience and love she needs until her rehab is total. There will come a day when Rosie finally puts the past behind her and sheds all memory of meanness. On that day, Rosie is going to be one of the greatest dogs around. On that day, we'll all celebrate. On that day, Rescue truly triumphs. ROSIE'S HAPPY ENDING HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE, ROSIE. We gleefully pass the guardian angel torch to the O'Connors. Love to you, Rosie O'Connor, and to your whole family. Dear Nancy, my Mom (aka “Pack Leader”) said she would write to you for me. Thank you very much for finding me a home. It has taken me awhile to get used to this place. There are lots of scary things in this new home like garage doors and recycling bins and a teenager that I call Scary Guy (his real name is Sean). He makes lots of noise on his drums and when he skateboards along with us when we go for a walk. But my Mom helps me face the things that scare me. For the first 6 months I was attached to her belt and had to follow her around the house. It was a real pain in the neck. But I gradually calmed down and now I get to go any place in the house that I want. She won’t let me bark at Scary Guy. If I am having a bad day, she puts me on a leash to follow her around again for a little while and then I relax again. Her friend, Ken the Dog trainer, suggested that I get something called “homeopathic” drops 4X/day. The medicine helps me relax and enjoy my new home. There are really 3 pack leaders in this house—my Mom, Gary the dog treat guy and Scary Guy. My sister’s name is Indigo. She is very bossy and is always trying to tell me what to do. Mostly I just ignore her. When she tries to grab me around the neck, my Mom tells her to “quit biting the baby” (even though I am taller than she is). Sometimes Indigo and I wrestle in the basement. It is really fun—we get really crazy when we do this. And everyday my Mom, Indigo and I go for a walk in the morning—usually 3-4 miles after breakfast. I love to go on these walks. We go all over town or sometimes we walk with other friends and their dogs. The only hard thing is I get really scared when I see other dogs. I start to growl and bark and try to jump on the other dog. Pack Leader is very strict about not letting me do this. I think I’m getting better but hey, no girl is perfect. When we come home I like to take a long nap. There are lots of dog toys to play with and two cats. One of the cats likes to rub against my head. At night I sleep with the pack in a special room called the “bedroom”. I have my own bed and blanket & Gary always gives me a dog treat before we go to sleep. My Mom tells me that sometimes I snore and have dog dreams. The food at my new home is really good. I eat about 5 cups of dog food/day and have put on 11 pounds since April. But not to worry however, I’m still maintaining my girlish figure. I have been learning new things in my new home. I’m pretty smart except when I get scared and my brain stops working. In the house I have no trouble doing sit and down and come. Stay is the hardest command for me but I’m getting better at it. When we are in the yard or the garage my Mom doesn’t worry about me running away because I know these places. I still need to practice walking on a loose leash, that’s hard for me to do. And when the other dogs get to go off leash, my Mom doesn’t let me join in the fun yet. She says I have to practice coming when I am called more especially when we are outside and there are lots of distractions. I want to stay at my new home--forever. So please let me Mom know what she has to do to officially make this my home. Thank you very much for finding me this place. We would love to have you come for a visit so if you are near Parkville, please let us know. Happy New Year. Rosie Dear Rosie, I can't wait until the silly weather clears so that I can come visit you and Indigo and your family!! I am SO glad to hear that you're blossoming into the sweetheart you are and we always saw inside you! I knew you and Indigo would get along fine, and that if any human being could help you love and trust again, it would be the O'Connors, who are wonderful people ;-)) Your past is over forever, and you now have a fantastic lifetime home that wants to love you and spoil you and teach you all the things you need to know. Sigh. I am content. THIS is why we rescue and kill ourselves at it. Despite the fact that you were one of our greatest challenges, all of our hearts shattered to think of what you had gone through and how humans had mistreated you. Your new mom and family have continued what was so painstakingly begun, and they have done it just right! They are giving you exactly what you need and you are responding. Your rehab is now 1.5 years old and still continuing. But I have the feeling that once your rehab is done, the past will drop away like a tattered old coat you no longer need. And it won't matter one whit how long it took. Because it will be done, over, finished. And when it is, I'm betting you'll be one of the loveliest and most loving girls around. So I'm thrilled to tears that Mary Kay, Gary and "Scary Guy" Sean (too funny) will now be a permanent part of your life. You are a fortunate girl in so many ways - that Jess spent 3 hours in the rain and freezing cold catching you off that dumb Broadway Bridge, that MOGS refused to give up on you even after a year despite what so many people recommended to us, and most especially that you caught the O'Connors' hearts. It is the O'Connors who are your future and your life. They're your angels. And I know you know that. Please tell your mom that all we need to do is an Adoption Contract, just like we did with your sister Indie ... please tell her I'll send her the contract separately. HAPPY 2010, ROSIE GIRL. THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy & the MOGS crew

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