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Animal Success Stories
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MOGS note: Jojo came from a Nebraska shelter where the staff were afraid of her because she didn't like going into her kennel and "mouthed" them.  She was about to die for that reason alone.  LOOK AT HER NOW.

Jojo's new family commented: Jojo is a wonderful dog. She absolutely loves it here! She's great with our kids (5 year old twins and a 7 year old -- all girls) and is a super fun ball-dog -- she'll play fetch for hours on end!   She had a brief spell with submissive urination (not an everyday occurrence, but enough to be a nuisance), but that stopped after about 10 days. We're taking obedience lessons (although she already knew quite a bit) and she's learned not to jump on people when she gets excited.  She keeps barking to get me up at 5:00 am--it would be nice if she would wait until at least 6:00!   In all, she's a great dog and we're lucky to have her.   Bobby and Adrienne


At the Meet and Greet on Sunday 1/2/11, Jessie found a forever home!  Here is a message from her new Mom and Dad:

 Well we had a wonderful ride home. Jessie did great in the car. We stopped off at PetSmart to buy a few things. Maiko waited outside with her, which I think worked out the best. We got her home and let her check out the backyard. She ran the perimeter a few times and took care of some business. After she inspected the rest of the house, she drank alot of water and ate just a little bit. I think she had too many snacks today and was still a bit nervous, figuring things out. We took her back outside a bit, to get her kennel set up in the living room. Didn't take long for her to crash out. We ate some dinner and sat on the couch. Jessie was already fighting the "Sleep monster". She wanted to fall asleep, but didn't want to miss out on the action! hahaha. Then we all fell asleep. Long day. Very successful one though. We are very happy. Thanks again for all your help and guiding us. I think it worked out great. We look foward to lots of MOGS-related fun the next few months. more pics to come! Chris & Maiko

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