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Corbin's Sponsorship Page

CORBIN is a gorgeous all-black German Shepherd who loves his people and family, and gets along with other large dogs.  He's fun-loving and has good energy, yet is great in the house and settles nicely.  It's impossible not to fall in love with this great guy's happy personality!

Corbin really seems to just enjoy people.  He's got a great GSD bark so that strangers coming to the door will know he's there, but once they come inside he just wants attention.  He also loves his carers, whether it's his foster family or the staff who so lovingly took care of him while he spent several months in boarding waiting for a foster family.  He was actually a favorite of the staff at boarding because he's such an upbeat kind of guy.  For about six months, he was the companion of an elderly man whose family said "Corbin is perfect!" and made an incredible companion.

Corbin was raised in a family with children and while we haven't seen him around small kids ourselves we believe he is good with them.  We have seen him around older children (young teens and up) and he is very good.

Large dogs:  Corbin gets along with other large dogs and particpated in play groups while in boarding for several months.  He lived with two large dogs in a foster home for many months, and was fine.  He needs proper, gradual introductions to neighbor dogs or will "fence fight."  
Small Animals:  NO cats.  NO small dogs.  He has a high prey drive and requires strong leadership on walks or when around small animals. 

His high prey drive is the reason his life-long family abandoned him after raising him from a puppy and having him for 6 years.  We don't know the details, but a neighbor's small dog was somehow in Corbin's 'territory' and he shook the small dog hard enough that it sadly died.  Although he'd been fine for 6 years the family chose to dump him in a public shelter, where he was at very high risk, istead of making sure their fence was secure instead.  Yet Corbin does beautifully in his foster home with a strong leader, where he lives with two other large dogs and goes on walks all the time.  What's more, he's recently been able to be near a small dog without reacting.  Thanks to his wonderful foster mom, he's making progress with small critters!  

Corbin is house-trained and crate-trained, and has excellent house manners.  Corbin can be a little bit mischeivous too - he loves to steal the socks of the teenager in his foster home.  Like we said, he's an upbeat and fun guy ;-) 

He must have a securely fenced yard with a 6 ft fence in good repair.

Corbin is a gorgeous boy who's loving, affectionate, upbeat and fun. He's crate trained, house trained, and has good house manners.  His only issue is his high prey drive, which means two things:  1)  he can not be around small animals, and 2) he requires a strong leader.  He would do well as an only pet or living with other sociable large dogs.


If you're looking for a striking, out-of-the-puppy-stage buddy with a great personality,
and are a strong leader with no other small pets,
CORBIN may be that very special best friend
you've been looking for!



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