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About Kacey [Royals]

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: 400.00
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
  • Current Age: 1 Year 11 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes

Kacey is a really sweet dog. She’s very energetic, loving and loves to play.

Kacie came to MOGS after she was found as a stray by animal control. She is currently in a foster home.

Kacie LOVES to play! She embraces the role of annoying little sister with her GSD foster sibling and is constantly chewing on her, following her around, wrestling, etc. She definitely plays rough and would need a dog in the house who has a similar style of play. It takes Kacey a while to warm up to new people or animals because she is fearful of new things. She hasn’t shown any signs of aggression, but will bark at new people. She is fearful of the vacuum cleaner and will go hide underneath a chair or behind the couch any time it comes out.

Kacey is uber dramatic, and any little ouch can elicit a cry or scream from her. If she bumps her leg, she’ll limp for a while to make sure everyone can check on her and then goes right back to wrestling and playing. It’s especially dramatic and loud if she feels like she’s stuck in something. She got her leg “stuck” under the couch once, and it sounded like someone was murdering her. It turned out that she just needed to pull her leg out, and she was fine.

Kacey is a super sweet dog, but she is 100% puppy! She still mouths a lot and bites anything that is hanging down from above (i.e. anything you pick up off the floor in front of her).  She responds best when you don’t pull whatever the item is away from her.  (When you pull it away from her, it turns into a game.)  If you stop and tell her no, she’ll sit and wait for you.   She jumps on people when she’s excited. She loves to steal a pair of socks from the hamper and prance proudly around the house with her treasure. She is a chewer, but has been easily redirected to chew on toys instead of shoes or the couch. She loves to chew on her elk antler bone. Kacey loves to be outside and play, especially if her people and her doggie sister are with her.

Kacey is gaining more manners but is very stubborn. She knows the sit and down commands, especially if there’s food involved. She has been really responsive to the buzzer option (not the shock) of the e-collar when she needs to be redirected to leave something alone. She needs a strong leader to help teach her manners and boundaries.

She’s definitely food motivated which will help with her training. Kacey sits very pretty for a yummy treat and can get mouthy but not aggressive.

Kacey can’t be trusted to be by herself in the house when she is not kenneled. She will definitely counter/table/anything surf to see what she can get a hold of. For the most part, she isn’t destructive with whatever she manages to get a hold of. She especially does this if she’s upset with her people for not paying her enough attention. She knows how to get into the trashc an if it isn’t locked. She knows how to open the sliding door to the closet to get to her foster daddy’s socks.

Kacey is potty training, but she doesn’t ask to go out. As long as she’s kept on a consistent schedule of being let outside, she shouldn’t have any accidents inside the house. She is crate-trained, and she doesn’t potty in the crate at all. She goes to her crate easily (usually there’s a treat involved) and rarely barks in her crate. She sleeps all night long beautifully. She’s been really great on a leash and hasn’t been reactive to anything on the leash.

Kacey needs someone who will be a strong leader for her and who will be patient with her. She definitely needs someone who will commit to her training. She is going to be an amazing dog!

Kacey loves her foster sister. She follows her around everywhere and wants to be with her all of the time. She plays really hard and rough so would definitely need a dog with a similar size and play style. Kacey needs to be with a dog who is really patient. She has not shown any resource guarding at all. She does, however, like to steal her GSD sister’s toys just to annoy her. Kacey wouldn’t absolutely have to have another dog in the house, but she would love it if she did! If Kacey is an only dog, she would need lots of attention from her humans.

Kacey is hesitant to meet new people and will need proper introductions. She’ll bark at people she’s not familiar with, and it takes her quite a bit of time to warm up. She’s been in small crowds and has done fine. Kacey interacted fine with younger children (ages 5-6), however, she doesn’t understand that they don’t play with her the same way her GSD sister does. She has shown herding behavior ie. nipping when playing and running with children. For this reason she would best in a home with older children or in a home with a strong leader who understands this behavior. She hasn’t shown any aggression at all but her hesitancy must be respected. Her future family will need be sure to give proper introductions, redirect her barking, but also make sure new people respect her hesitancy.

Up-to-date on all vaccines, has a current rabies tag, is spayed and has been microchipped. Has no known medical issues.

If you're ready for a German Shepherd puppy --
and are COMMITTED to spending the time, effort and money it takes to raise, train, exercise and socialize a high energy large dog --

KACEY may be your girl!

This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save.  On average we spend over $450 on each dog.  We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then.  We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit.  At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip.  In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.

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Good with Dogs, Good with Kids


  1. We're picky about our adopters. 
  2. Are you sure you're up to having a GSD?  They're not for everyone.  They take a lot of time, effort, training.  They shed year round.  They're big.  They scare lots of people.  They "mouth" and herd.  They're usually strong-willed and stubborn.  You have to have references and a home visit.  If you're not willing or able to deal with any of this, please don't waste your time or ours applying.  
  3. Will the dog be an inside family pet? We do not adopt to outdoor-only homes. All dogs must be indoor dogs.
  4. Do you leave your dog outdoors when you're not home?   We do not adopt to homes that leave their animals outside when they're gone.  You must put your dogs indoors when you're gone.  A 3 yr old adopted MOGS dog died when the owners went to run errands, left her outdoors, the gate was somehow opened, and she was hit by a car.  Tragic and 100% preventable. Even privacy fences get broken into.  Gates are opened.  Thieves steal dogs. Never leave your dog outdoors when you're not home!!
  5. What's your plan for unexpected events and major changes?  New baby? Divorce?  Moving?   How you will provide for your dog if your family breaks up? 
  6. Will you make a lifetime commitment?  It's your responsibility to keep your dog safe, loved and cared for FOR LIFE.
  7.  Do you understand we expect you to keep that lifetime commitment?  It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stick by your family member -- no matter what.
  8. Are you unable or unwilling to make a lifetime commitment? Do not apply.


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