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Learn more about the German Shepherd Dog.

Ellie needs a caretaker or foster! Won't you consider helping her get a new start?

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About Ellie

  • Status: Available for Adoption (adoption info)
  • Adoption Fee: 300.00
  • Species: Dog
  • General Color: Black
  • Current Age: 3 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: Kansas City Metro Area
ELLIE was a stray who ended up at a city shelter.  She was seriously starved and all her bones stuck out.  She was also clearly untrained, unsocialized, and most likely a backyard dog.  When we first met her at the shelter she was a wild child, so full of pent up energy and vigor that she couldn't stop going, going, going.  But she's still only about 18 months old and part of that was just pent up puppy energy. 


Ellie is an absolutely stunning young girl who will draw stares and admiration when you walk down the street with her!  Actually, she prances more than she walks and is beautiful to watch.  She loves being with people and is a confident dog who knows what she likes. 

We thought Ellie had high ball drive, but it turns out that she really just has a ton of energy.  She can be distracted from the ball and redirected to other activities, as long as she's with you.  Ellie is highly trainable and has made tremendous progress in her time with us. 

Ellie's one issue -- which has vastly improved -- has been extreme possessiveness of "her" food and water bowls, and toys.  She was adopted out by the shelter once and returned within a few hours because the adopter fed Ellie and reached down to take her bowl before she was completely finished.  Ellie bit her and, although no medical attention was needed, poor starved Ellie was back in the shelter in a flash.  We tested her and found we could hand feed her with no problem, but that once the food was in the bowl she would attack a fake hand inserted in the bowl.  This happens sometime with dogs who, like her, have been systematically starved.  Our wonderful friends at Main Street Pet Resort boarding kennel have worked long and hard with her, desensitizing her and building trust (along with regular meals) -- and she is doing MUCH better.  She's well past the worst of it but still needs work on this one issue.  

Ellie is kennel trained and mostly house trained (though she will probably need a reminder since she's been in boarding).  She rides well in the car and does okay on walks as long as you use a head collar -- she still needs some work on leash manners.


Ellie loves, loves, LOVES playing with other dogs, but she does play rough and needs ongoing work on gentling down her play.  She needs a doggie buddy approximately her same size and energy to play with and blow some of her energy.  Due to a shortage of foster homes, she is currently in boarding and plays daily with another of our rescue dogs who also plays hard.  They chase and jump and twirl, like GSDs do.  The two girls have a blast together.  Ellie can NOT be placed in a home with cats.


Due to Ellie’s history of resource guarding, she cannot be placed in a home with children under the age of 16.


Ellie has no known ongoing medical issues.

Ellie simply needs a family willing to complete her education and training with patience, leadership and good sense. 

Are you a runner, a hiker, a jogger?  Are you an ACtIVE family looking for an active dog?  Are you a strong leader who is patient and committed -- willing and able to help Ellie past the last remnant of her early neglect?  She's waiting just for you and will reward you by being the world's best buddy!

DOGS:                LOVES to play and play hard/rough!  NEEDS A PLAYMATE OF APPROXIMATELY THE SAME SIZE AND ENERGY LEVEL, and/or a high energy family such as a daily runner.  Still needs work on gentling down, that is a work in progress.  Would likely be too much for small dogs.
CATS:                  No cats.
KIDS:                  16 yrs and over
IDEAL FAMILY:   HIGH energy!!  Ellie has a ton of energy and seriously needs to get it out EVERY DAY WITHOUT FAIL.  But she also loves her people and very much wants to be with

If you're looking for a gorgeous, young, energetic, trainable German Shepherd
who will make you smile, 
and you're an ACTIVE family,
ELLIE may be your ideal family member!

This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save. On average we spend over $450 on each dog. We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then. We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit. At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip. In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.

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More about Ellie

Good with Dogs


  1. We're picky about our adopters. 
  2. Are you sure you're up to having a GSD?  They're not for everyone.  They take a lot of time, effort, training.  They shed year round.  They're big.  They scare lots of people.  They "mouth" and herd.  They're usually strong-willed and stubborn.  You have to have references and a home visit.  If you're not willing or able to deal with any of this, please don't waste your time or ours applying.  
  3. Will the dog be an inside family pet? We do not adopt to outdoor-only homes. All dogs must be indoor dogs.
  4. Do you leave your dog outdoors when you're not home?   We do not adopt to homes that leave their animals outside when they're gone.  You must put your dogs indoors when you're gone.  A 3 yr old adopted MOGS dog died when the owners went to run errands, left her outdoors, the gate was somehow opened, and she was hit by a car.  Tragic and 100% preventable. Even privacy fences get broken into.  Gates are opened.  Thieves steal dogs. Never leave your dog outdoors when you're not home!!
  5. What's your plan for unexpected events and major changes?  New baby? Divorce?  Moving?   How you will provide for your dog if your family breaks up? 
  6. Will you make a lifetime commitment?  It's your responsibility to keep your dog safe, loved and cared for FOR LIFE.
  7.  Do you understand we expect you to keep that lifetime commitment?  It's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stick by your family member -- no matter what.
  8. Are you unable or unwilling to make a lifetime commitment? Do not apply.


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Thank you for considering a homeless dog or cat.

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