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Missouri German Shepherd Rescue


We're MoGS - short for Missouri German Shepherd - Rescue.

We're a small and growing breed specific rescue based in Kansas City, MO. 
We save dogs throughout the Midwest and have volunteers in MO, KS and NE.

Our focus is German Shepherd Dogs. 
We also help other breeds and GSD mixes as much as we can.

We use foster homes to save dogs and do NOT have a shelter or physical facility.
We're moving fast - we've saved over 700 dogs in 5 years. 

Would you like to help more dogs stay alive? 
Please join us! 

We need EVERYONE to
save all the abandoned, discarded and abused
German Shepherds!

Volunteer, donate, foster. 





MoGS Winning Essay on our rescue - DogtoberFest 2013
won the $250 prize
promptly used to pay part of Delilah's heartworm treatment

MoGS is a small, mighty, overwhelmed and broke breed specific rescue!  In April 2011 German Shepherds were declared the #2 homeless dog in America, with tens of thousands dumped and killed every year.  Every single day we get multiple calls from owners, finders, vets, and shelters begging us to take dogs.  And we do - untrained 1 year olds who are no longer "cute puppies," a blind 10 yr old, heartworm positive dogs, a dog with a withered leg, dogs hit by cars, terrified dogs, unsocialized dogs, puppy mill dogs, dogs with serious medical conditions or behavioral issues.  We just rescued Delilah (withered leg), Spencer (an alcoholic's dog - unsocialized, had no permanent home, reacts fearfully to strangers), Riggo (a working dog whose owners had no idea what to do with him), and Zeke (dog aggressive) and many more.  Our philosophy is, "If we can help a dog, we will."  We're proud of who we are and what we're doing - and grateful for all interest in and support of our mission!


  • small but moving as fast as we can
  • operates on a shoestring and a maxxed-out credit card
  • saved over 800 German Shepherds and mixes in 5 years
  • routinely asked to help over 500 dogs a year, or 15 every week!
  • rescued "Lindey" - thrown from a 4-story bridge and barely survived
  • one of the few rescues who take dogs with serious behavioral problems and spend the time to rehab them.  All rescues take nice dogs, some take medical cases, a few take tough behavioral cases, a rare few take bite cases.  We do it all.
  • an outstanding track record.  Shy, frightened, insecure dogs find hope and rehab with us.  We even take some bite cases, after investigating to determine the facts of the case and whether the dog is truly aggressive or was mishandled.
  • commit to our dogs for LIFE - in fact require adopters to return the dog to us if they can't keep him/her for ANY reason.


PO Box 22466 •  Kansas City, MO 64113  •  (785) 409-3919 •  mogsrescue [ at ]