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Learn more about the German Shepherd Dog.

About Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Adoption Fee: 300.00
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: 2013.3-1
  • General Color: Black with Tan, Yellow or Fawn
  • Current Age: 3 Years 7 Months (best estimate)
  • Location: 64112


Her vet Dr. Steve Riley,
the MOGS volunteers who saved her,
her incredible foster mom Christi,
and her adopers Nick, Ann and Tessa -
everyone was all smiles!!

Visit Lindey's Facebook page ("Loving Lindey")


Congratulations to
Nick, Ann and Tessa M
of Prairie Village KS!!!
And to Lindey's new German Shepherd sister Roxy
(also a rescue dog who suffered severe abuse)!!

Some pictures of her Adoption Party are on this page.
For others, go to Lindey's Facebook page

Many of you inquired about her, and we're eternally grateful to each and every one of you.  So many loving hearts offered their homes!  Her
new family are experienced German Shepherd owners (familiar with serious GSDs who need serious leadership) and are excellent canine leaders. PLEASE COME MEET LINDEY AND HER NEW FAMILY AT HER ADOPTION PARTY!!  Sunday Sept. 29 at 3:00 pm.  Location:  4 Paws Pantry, 14040 W. 119th St, Olathe KS.

Lindey's medical rehab is 90% complete and her transition to a loved-family-member is just beginning.  Lindey is no longer a "patient", she is now a "student" -- just starting to learn how to be part of a loving, stable family instead of an abused outdoor dog.  She's great with people, including kids.  She's also fine with most other dogs, including small dogs.   She still requires leadership and supervision with very small dogs, and with strong supervision and leadership can probably be trained to live with cats.  Like most German Shepherds, Lindey shows STRONG protection instincts for "her" territory (home, yard, family, car) and does not like strangers in her territory.  Outside her territory, in public places, she's great with everyone.  In other words, Lindey is a true German Shepherd with typical German Shepherd traits.  She has a strong personality, and like most German Shepherds will try to take over if you aren't a strong, consistent leader.  So before you apply, remember that German Shepherds are "serious" dogs and require serious training, serious leadership, and a serious commitment.  Lindey is a sweetheart, but her new family MUST be able and willing to provide strong leadership and preferably be experienced in having and leading a strong-willed, serious breed. 

Lindey's mouth and legs are healed, and her legs are in the process of rehab to rebuild the muscle mass.  Her rehab currently consists of using the many stairs in her foster home and normal activity around the house, combined with gentle, supervised outdoor play with the other dogs.  SHE CANNOT ENGAGE IN ROUGH PLAY, JOGGING, JUMPING ON/OFF EVEN LOW WALLS, OR SIMILAR STRENUOUS ACTIVITY.  For the next 3 to 6 months (until January 2014), Lindey must get gradually increasing amounts of appropriate exercise, to rebuild the musculature in her legs and allow the plates in her ankles to integrate properly into her muscles. 

HER MEDICAL FUTURE:  No one knows precisely what will happen to her legs in the future.  She's somewhat more likely than the average dog to have arthritis, but aside from that the vets simply cannot predict anything.  The best guess is that with proper regular exercise to keep the ankles supple, she will do extremely well.  LINDEY'S NEW FAMILY MUST RECOGNIZE THAT SHE WILL NEVER BE A DOGGIE ATHLETE:  no jogging, flyball, frisbee or the like.  Otherwise, she will be a perfectly normal dog and lead a perfectly normal life.

Lindey is a very affectionate girl!  Once she gets to know you she's free with her kisses, and she adores getting belly rubs, pets, and loving.  Like most abused dogs who have never known love, she's somewhat amazed at her good fortune and is gradually accepting the fact that she really is loved - and is also still a little unsure whether it will continue.  So she follows her foster mom around and is always under foot! If she's like most abused dogs, this will eventually calm down and she won't be quite as glued-to-you.  But her new family should expect this to continue for many months if not several years, while she develops the confidence that her family is permanent.  At her first-ever public appearance on July 27, Lindey had a steady stream of visitors coming to greet her and wish her well - and she was wonderful with all of them.  For the first time in her life, Lindey is seeing a wonderful world full of loving people and joyous experiences -- and her new family needs to continue her "education" by continuing to expose her to constant new experiences, people, and places.

"DO NOT RUSH HER."  That's the motto for Lindey's new family!  Lindey will do well as long as her new family understands that she needs to emerge gently into her new life -- needs to be allowed to make progress at her own speed and on her own terms.  THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVERYONE MAKES IS TO RUSH THINGS! 

Lindey lives in a foster home with two other German Shepherds and a 25 lb. mixed breed dog, all with good temperaments. She did need a proper, gradual introduction to the small dog and will likely continue to need that with any small animal.  She also lives with a cat BUT is intensely interested in it.  She has improved greatly from trying to chase the cat (intentions unknown) to staring at the cat with great interest.  However, one day when she was in another foster home for a few hours, she showed no interest in their cat and immediately got along with their older dachshund.  Lindey would ike a doggie buddy, preferably a mid-sized or larger dog, but would also probably do well as an only dog.  Any new doggie buddy needs to be playful but NOT rough. Lindey should always be properly introduced to any new dog - slow, gradual introductions. 

Lindey is great with kids.  Her foster family has teenagers and visiting small children, and she is fine with them.  She has also been fine with small children when out in public.  We have not seen her around infants, and that would have to be tested.

Like most abused dogs who have never known love or leadership, Lindey's first instinct has been to form a strong bond with her foster family - the first loving home she's ever had.  Her natural German Shepherd protection instincts are in full bloom - she doesn't like strangers in "her" house or yard.  Her new family must be willing and able to train her and guide her, so she understands it's not "her" house/yard, but theirs - and THEY set the rules about what is and is not appropriate protection behavior. Lindey is a smart girl, and with proper guidance will do well.  However, her new family absolutely must complete her training in this area so that she's appropriately behaved around, and comfortable with, visitors to the home.

If you're looking for a gorgeous, young, trainable German Shepherd
who will love you forever,
and you can be strong canine leaders to teach her,
LINDEY may be your ideal family member!

This fee covers only part of what we spend to vet, board and rehab the dogs we save. On average we spend over $450 on each dog. We made a decision to keep our adoption fee at the 2005 level even though vet prices have doubled and tripled since then. We are constantly fundraising to cover the deficit. At minimum, your adoption fee includes the dog's spay/neuter, heartworm test, heartworm treatment if needed, rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, bordatella shot, deworming, monthly heartworm and flea preventives, and microchip. In many cases it also includes surgery and various types of vet treatment for standard issues such as hot spots, ear infections and so on.

Complete an Adoption Application Now!

Lindey is officially ready to be adopted and is now searching for her forever home.  If you think you're interested, please read the description above CAREFULLY!

JULY 2:   Almost ready for adoption! 
Lindey was spayed today and her routine vetting was completed.  She is now fully vetted.  All that remains is a bit of rehab, to continue to slowly rebuild her muscle tone in both front legs.  We expect her to available for adoption in late July or early August.  WATCH FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT!

JUNE 25:  Released! 

Lindey has been medically released by Blue Pearl Vet Clinic!!  Both front legs and her mouth look excellent and the vets are extremely pleased.  Huge thanks to Dr. Steve Riley and the entire staff at Blue Pearl Vet Clinic in Overland Park, KS - their outstanding work and compassion saved Lindey's legs and life. 

MAY 15:  splint on first leg removed

Dr. Riley is pleased with the progress in both legs.  He removed the splint on her left front leg, which is now 9 weeks out from surgery.  He's also pleased with the progress on her right front leg, which is just 2 weeks out from surgery.  Progress!

APRIL 29:  second leg surgery today, both legs splinted
Lindey had surgery on her other front leg today.  Unfortunately, it wasn't healing on its own as hoped.  She had a "pan carpal arthrodesis" on that leg as well, the same surgery she already had on one leg..  Both legs are once again splinted, and will be for some weeks.  Both front legs are now permanently fixed, or "fused", in one position that will allow her to walk.  She will not be a running companion, but she will still be able to move and navigate normally in all other respects.  As the vet says, she won't be a "doggie athlete" is all.  She will still be having checkups every 2 weeks. 

APRIL 3:  2nd checkup
The good news is that Dr. Riley was pleased with the progress of Lindey's surgery leg.  YAY!  The if-fy news is that while he removed the splint from her non-surgery leg, it may still need surgery.  The ligaments have to settle down from being splinted/confined, so we won't know for a few days or a week exactly what's happening.  We were concerned because as she walked out of the clinic, the angle of her foot seemed pretty severe.  Dr. Riley graciously came out and checked it again, told us to keep a very close eye on it, and if it changes to bring her right back in.  That would mean re-splinting - and probably surgery (the same surgery as on her other leg.  So everyone please PRAY HARD, that Lindey's ligaments will get it together and heal enough to keep that foot at an "acceptable range of motion"!!!!!  GO, Lindey's ligaments, GO!!!

MARCH 20:   1st checkup
Dr. Steve Riley of Blue Pearl Vet Clinic in Overland Park KS, was pleased with her progress.  Very good  news!  He said the critical thing now is to keep her on total "bed rest" for the next two weeks until her second checkup. 
That's the tough part for her fabulous foster family - keeping her quiet!  She's feeling better and is regaining her energy, so naturally wants to get out and go.  But overall she's very good about being in her crate (thank heavens!!  This is the first of 8 periodic checkups, and each good checkup is cause for celebration.   The first few pictures are from her checkup.  Several videos have also been added of today's checkup.


Lindey had leg and mouth surgery on March 7 and went to a wonderful foster home on March 10!   Huge thanks to all of you!!!  This was an unexpected turn of events. At 7 a.m. that morning we reached $14,800 and notified the news media we had reached our goal and then some.  Meantime our good friends at Great Plains SPCA connected us with the wonderful surgeons at Blue Pearl Vet Clinic in Overland Park KS.  They were able to get her into surgery right away, a flurry of activity ensued, and we got Lindey in to the vet.  Her surgery went well, though with two unexpected events.  Instead of having both paws done, her mouth and one paw were done.  During mouth surgery, Dr. Gary Mondrcin removed twice as many teeth as expected (8 instead of 4) and discovered her upper incissors had been embedded up into her mouth!  We can only imagine the pain she was in!  And the orthopedic vets headed by Dr. Steve Riley are now hopeful that her other paw will heal on its own.  We will see how it progresses, and do surgery nlater on that paw if still needed!


Lindey is one VERY special girl! 
Talk about a survivor and a fighter!

Lindey appears to have been thrown off an overpass in downtown Kansas City MO A horse show was being held at Hale Arena on the street below, and witnesses saw Lindey "suddenly come flying over" and land in a snow bank.  She didn't jump or climb, and then fall or tumble over.  She appeared to be propelled from behind.   

No one went to Lindey's aid.  One witness called to have someone "pick her up".  Lindey sat there in shock and agony, and managed to drag herself as far as an icy wet spot on the conrete where she could move no further.

Luckily, within five minutes two horse show attendees pulled up and were horrified.  Both love animals.  One has bred German Shepherds.  Both wondered why they were running late that day.  Neither hesitated for a second.  These two angels literally rode to Lindey's rescue:  they raced to where she lay, put her in their car and sped to the vet. 

Meantime, back at Hale Arena others were on the lookout for someone who might come looking for her - but no one ever came.

Lindey was at the vet within 40 minutes.  She was in shock, had blood in her stomach and compression in her lung.  X-rays were taken.  Exams were done.  Miraculously no bones were broken.  But the exam showed she had major damage to both front legs and her mouth.

The vet saw no injuries to indicate she was hit by a car.  He believes her injuries indicate she did a three-point landing:  she hit the snow bank with both front feet and her jaw taking the full force of the impact.  She did exactly what we humans would do - she put her paws out to try and break the impact. 

The tendons and ligaments in both her front feet are completely ripped and torn.  Her left front paw dangled uselessly.  Her right front paw was usable but in bad shape.  She has damage to her teeth/jaw and at minimum will have to have 4 badly fractured teeth removed.

Amazingly, her internal injuries seem to be stabilizing and she is eating on her own.  She needs a week or two to make sure there is no residual lung, stomach or other internal damage. 

With luck and your prayers, her internal injuries will be temporary.  But her teeth must come out and the vet believes both front legs need a surgery called pan carpal arthrodesis - a procedure in which the ankle (carpal) is fused into a fixed position permanently.  This is a complicated and difficult surgery, with a lengthy recuperation that requires frequent rechecks and vet visits.  Each foot could easily cost $4,000 to fix. 

Meanwhile both her front legs are in splints so she can at least hobble around a little.  We are talking to the vets at a veterinary teaching hospital and working on scheduling her surgery.   Surgery should occur within 2-3 weeks, once we're sure her internal health is not compromised. 

Estimated Vet Cost:  $10,100 

  • right front ankle (carpal arthrodesis)   $4,000
  • left front ankle (carpal arthrodesis)     $4,000
  • initial exams and vet care                   $1,200
  • jaw and dental work, shots, spay         $  900


Remember this
the next time you see a dog or cat being




Your donations and prayers are desperately needed.
Her vet care is estimated to cost approx. $10,100

We LOVE you all for your compassion and huge hearts!  Please be aware that Lindey has had  EXTENSIVE mouth and leg surgery and will be in recuperation for at least 4 months.  She needs to stay close by her vet because the vet who does the surgery should also do the followup, checkups and recuperative care.  Only when she's physically close to normal will her true personality emerge and we'll be able to assess what she needs in a forever home.  PLEASE KNOW IT WILL BE A LONG TIME BEFORE SHE'S READY TO BE ADOPTED.  WE WON'T BE TAKING ANY ACTION ON POSSIBLE ADOPTION IN THE NEAR FUTURE. 

More about Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!

Good with Dogs, Good with Kids

Important Information Regarding MOGS Dogs:

  • All MoGS dogs must be inside family pets - We do not adopt dogs to be outdoors dogs.
  • You must put your dog indoors (NOT out in the yard) when you're not home - We've had dogs stolen because they were left outdoors when the owners weren't home!   Privacy fences have been broken into, gates have been opened, thieves have stolen dogs.  One adopted MoGS dog died after the owners left to run errands, left her outdoors, someone opened the gate, and she was hit by a car. NEVER leave your dog outdoors when you're not home!!
  • You are required to make a lifetime commitment to the care, love and safety of your adopted dog.
  • If you're unable or unwilling to make a lifetime commitment, please do not apply for a dog.
  • Plan for unexpected events and major changes, such as babies, divorce or moving.   How you will provide for your dog if your family breaks up?  If you move?  If you have a child?
  • When you adopt a MoGS dog, you are making a lifetime commitment.   We expect you to keep it.

We spend huge amounts of time, effort and our own money to save these lives. 
Our goal is for each dog to have a forever home --
to be forever safe and forever loved. 

We do not want any MoGS dog to end up in trouble or at risk ever again.

YOU are the only one who can make that happen.
It's YOUR COMMITMENT to stick by your family member -- no matter what -- that makes that happen. 

That's why we're so picky about our adopters!


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Thank you for considering a homeless dog or cat.

Videos of Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!:

Other Pictures of Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! (click to see larger version):

Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!
Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!! Lindey - ADOPTED 9-29-13!!

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